Work Wheels Emotion ZR10 15x5.0 +45 4x100 - Azure White (AZW) - Semi Concave

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ZR10155454100AZW-Semi Concave

Work Wheels are an iconic wheel manufacturer that has the interest of a lot of enthusiasts involved in the JDM car scene. With their first range of wheels being released in 1977, Work has continued to be one of the top high-end Japanese wheel manufacturers in today's market. Wheel designs such as the Equip, Emotion, and Meister have helped put Work wheels into the top spot that they sit at today.

Wheel Construction:
1 Piece / WORK Flowforming Technology (WFT)
Available Sizing:
15″ / 16″ / 17″ / 18″ / 19″
TPMS Function:
Yes, compatible with most OEM TPMS sensor (Exclusion: 15″ / 16″ not TPMS compatible)
Valvestem (V29K2, Black) & Red Decal (other decal colors sold separately)
Default Decal:
Default decal color is red (on all finishes of wheel). Other colors (blue, green, orange, purple) of decal are sold separately.
Face concavity will depend on sizing. Available in Semi, Middle, Deep, and Ultra Deep Concave. Photos may not necessarily reflect the concavity of the wheel you order.
Lip Cut Finish:
(BLKLC) and (HGLC) finishes have a machined rim edge finish.
Rim Cut Finish:
(GTKRC) finish has a machined lip finish.


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