National Bearings and Seals MOJ-1316 National Bearing Journal Bearings

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Brand: National Bearings and Seals

Manufacturer's Part Number: MOJ-1316

Part Type: Universal Bearings

Product Line: National Bearing Journal Bearings

UPC: 724956011209

Bearing Type: Roller

Bore (in): 4.003 in.

Bearing Outside Diameter (in): 5.812 in.

Bearing Races Included: No

Width (in): 1.315 in.

Notes: Roller diameter 0.898 in.

Quantity: Sold individually.

National Bearing specializes in precision journal bearings in a number of sizes for many automotive needs. The journal bearings contain no rolling elements and have long been the strength of a turbocharger. Their design and construction may be relatively simple, but the theory and operation of these bearings can be complex. They are available in a number of sizes for your application needs.


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Part Type Universal Bearings
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