Invidia Dual N1 Single Layer Titanium Tip Cat Back Exhaust Subaru Legacy GT 2010-2012 | HS10SL1GTT

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Invidia CAT-BACK EXHAUST, N1 Titanium Tip Cat-Back Exhaust


Fitment Information:
Subaru Legacy GT 2010-2012

  • New gaskets and hardware
  • Includes silencers
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • CNC machined flanges
  • 3" Inch piping diameter
  • 4" Inch titanium tips
  • OEM like fitment
  • Notes: The Invidia N1 is one of the best sounding, fitting and looking catbacks you can get for your LGT. This one wont be the kindest to your neighbor's ears, but they will get a good idea on how good that Subaru next door sounds. It's easy, remove old quiet exhaust, install Invidia N1, turn car on, profit. Just kidding, but it's really that easy. Don't forget if you're using the factory downpipe, you will need this catback adapter by our friends at GrimmSpeed! Or this one, by our friends at Invidia! Or shucks, how about this one by our friends at Torque Solution!


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