AVO Stainless Steel Downpipe 3 inch w/ Race Metal Cat and Cast Outlet w/ Bung 07-09 Legacy GT

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An AVO 3” downpipe or front pipe is the best on the market and has been since its first development 20 years ago.

The design was with the intention of optimum gas flow and minimal exhaust back pressure which is essential for high power. Careful attention to tube diameter, smooth radius mandrel bends and muffler design is essential for high performance. With 29 years of experience in exhaust system design, the AVO system is a superb exhaust system with plenty of thought and care.

The AVO front pipe has a separate cast section with a splitter to separate the wastegate and exhaust flow. The design parameters immediately after the turbocharger are critical not only for outright performance, but for optimum torque and turbo response. The optimum internal profiles cannot be achieved with twin pipe or bell mouth pipes. AVO has engineered the high flow turbo outlet cast ing for extreme gas flow and high exhaust gas temperatures which are normal in high performance turbocharged engines. It is cast in high temperature ductile iron which ensures optimum internal shape and maximum durability under high rpm, load and boost conditions.

The stainless pipe section after the cast outlet is 3” mandrel bent with a 5” body 160 cell metal cat converter. The reason for the 5” body is that it flows better than the 4” body when flowing both with comparable cells. The bigger the area within reason the more flow it will have. You might ask why 160 cell and not 100 cell like some of the aftermarket front pipes available on the market, we know that it will help with the maintenance of emissions control. The 160 cell cat converter is also a compromise between maintaining high performance and some emission control.

AVO have also fitted a stainless OEM style flex as it is required with the replacement of the factory OEM version. Without the flex and OEM spring loaded flex setup then your headers and any welds forward of the flex are prone to cracking. The stainless flanges are a lost wax stainless casting that are 13mm thick and will not warp under the harshest of conditions. The thickness of our exhaust tube is 1.5mm which is thicker than most aftermarket front pipes. This helps with noise absorption and with longevity of the product.

With the AVO product you are guaranteed a product that will truly deliver all it promises. 


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