AVO Intercooler Front Mount Intercooler w/ Black Piping - 04-05 WRX/STI

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When a TMIC is not enough, step up to AVO's line of Front Mounted Intercoolers. With huge cast endtanks, deep bar and plate cores and efficiency engineered in, they are the answer to your big power needs. Track tested at 600hp on the famous AVO Time Attack STI! Where other companies are content with welding up a bit of stainless steel piping, throwing in some cheap silicone couplers and calling it good, we took the time to design moulded high-strength rubber hoses. Why rubber? Rubber hoses keep the heat out better than any other material, especially in comparison to stainless steel, which gets hot quickly and stays hot. Rubber won't rattle on metal edges, and deals better with movement from the engine. It simply lasts longer and fits better than any alternative. So even though it is more expensive to make, we find the benefits far outweight the cost increase. We pay special attention to our endtank designs, which are optimized to use the entire core. Many other intercoolers are designed with the assumption that all you need is a big core, and forget that the endtanks are just as important in getting the hot air to flow through the entire core, not just a narrow band nearest the inlet/outlet. This increase in efficiency creates massive performance improvements.


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