LIQUI MOLY 1L Special Tec AA Motor Oil 5W-20

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Content 20 l
Oil Type Mineral-based
Gearoil Approvals Hydrauliköl DIN 51524 HVLPD 46
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 28
Hydraulic Oil-Type Hydraulic oils HVLPD
Hydraulic oil features ageing, rust, foaming, detergent and wear-inhibiting additives and particularly good viscosity-temperature properties. As a result of its special additives it is capable of absorbing certain quantities of water without turbidity and without adversely affecting any of its other properties. Particularly recommended for use in hydraulic systems that are subject to large fluctuations in temperature and the generation of condensation. This particularly applies to building machinery of all types, including Poclain, Jumbo and Atlas excavators.
Product NameSKUBundleLanguages
Meguin Hydraulikoel HVLPD 46 8714 20 l Canister plastic D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HVLPD 46 8715 60 l Drum sheet metal D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HVLPD 46 8716 200 l Drum sheet metal D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HVLPD 46 9583 1000 l Deposit container D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HVLPD 46 9419 1000 l Bulk goods D-GB


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